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Horses Associations

Quarter Horse Association

American Quarter Horse Association
The American Quarter Horse established a bold reputation as the greatest cattle roundup and trail driving horse in history and would never be forgotten by early American racing enthusiasts. To ensure the unique qualities of this breed did not perish, a group of American Quarter Horse enthusiasts met in 1940 in Ft. Worth, Texas to establish what was to become the largest equine breed registry in the world, the American Quarter Horse Association.

Alaska State Quarter Horse Association

Georgia Quarter Horse Association
The Georgia Quarter Horse Association is an affiliate of AQHA. Our mission is to serve and promote our members and the American Quarter Horse Industry.

Ohio Quarter Horse Association
The Ohio Quarter Horse Association is a state affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Indiana Quarter Horse Association
To promote interest in the American Quarter Horse and to represent membership.

Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association
The Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association is a large, highly successful regional organization that promotes the values of owning and exhibiting Quarter Horses.

Texas Quarter Horse Association
The Texas Quarter Horse Association produces: The Texas Classic in Fort Worth, the largest regular AQHA show in Texas. The Texas State Championship Show in Waco in conjunction with the Texas Amateur Association. Two State Novice Shows and Clinics

Missouri Quarter Horse Association
The Missouri Quarter Horse Association was formed in the 1950's by persons in the state whose love and dedication to the American Quarter Horse led them to organize; to begin promoting the most versatile breed in the world, right here in the Show Me State.

Oklahoma Quarter Horse Assocation

Mississippi Quarter Horse Association
The Mississippi Quarter Horse Youth Association is an excellent starting place for the young enthusiast

Kentucky Quarter Horse Association
* Promote and protect the interests of the Quarter Horse in Kentucky * Raise the standards of the breed * Encourage and foster cooperation among Quarter Horse owners and enthusiasts * Provide beneficial services for its members

Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association
As the oldest State Affiliate chartered by the American Quarter Horse Association in 1945, PCQHA offers its membership benefits, shows, clinics, trail rides and other events for Youth, Amateur and Open Quarter Horse enthusiasts on the Pacific Coast.

Louisiana Quarter Horse Association
To provide beneficial services for its members and horse owners which enhance and encourage Quarter Horse ownership and participation.

New Mexico Quarter Horse Association
The New Mexico Quarter Horse Association (NMQHA) shall promote and encourage interest in the breeding, racing, showing, and any and all other general uses of the American Quarter Horse within the State of New Mexico as are supported by members of the Association.

Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Association

Illinois Quarter Horse Association
The purpose of IQHA shall be to promote the American Quarter Horse in the State of Illinois.

Tennessee Quarter Horse Association
Mission is to promote the American Quarter Horse in Tennessee through horse shows, clinics, trail rides, and information about what is going on in Tennessee and in the nation concerning American Quarter Horses.

Wisconsin Quarter Horse Association
To promote the American Quarter Horse and its industry by being the preferred State Breed Association.

Arabian Horse Associations

Arabian Horse Association
The Arabian Horse Association (AHA) provides an association of like-minded Arabian horse enthusiasts and a focal point for your favorite recreational or competitive activities. AHA is the official breed association and registry in the U.S. with more than 40,000 members who own Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.

North Carolina Arabian Horse Association
The North Carolina Arabian Horse Association was formed in 1969 to unite North Carolinians interested in Arabian horses and that wanted to promote Arabians and Part-Arabians through breeding and showing.

Daffodil Arabian Horse Association
Established in the 1950s, the DAHA was one of the first Arabian horse clubs formed in the country. In those early beginnings, "playdays" were held for the local Arabian enthusiasts to have an opportunity to get together and do something fun with their horses.

World Arab Horse Association
From the inception of WAHO it was apparent that one of the most important and needed objects as stated in the WAHO Constitution was to "maintain throughout the world the purity of the blood of the horses of the Arabian breed."

Arabian Horse Association of Michigan

Pinto Horse Association

Oregon Pinto Horse Association

Pinto Horse Association
The Pinto horse originated in Spain and was introduced to North America by Spanish and other European explorers. The Spanish explorers brought over Barb horses that had been crossed with other European breeds including Russian and Arabian strains, which are thought to give the horses their color patterns.

Percheron Horse Association

Percheron Horse Association of America
The Percheron Horse Association of America is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the purebred Percheron Horse.

Mountain Horse Association

Kentucky Mountain Horse Association
The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and the Spotted Mountain Horse Association pledge to protect and preserve the heritage of our breeds by leading our membership in a positive and productive direction in 2010 and beyond.

Rocky Mountain Horse Association
The Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA) is a recognized breed association, incorporated in the state of Kentucky as a non-profit corporation, and formed for the explicit purpose of preserving, promoting, breeding, and developing the Rocky Mountain Horse

Morgan Horse Association

Ohio Morgan Horse Association

Morgan Horse Association of Oregon
The Morgan Horse Association of Oregon is one of the leading Morgan Horse Breed Promotion Associations specializing in promoting the Morgan Horse, our Morgan Members and their Morgan Farms.

American Morgan Horse Association
The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) exists to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the Morgan horse. The Association is comprised of four departments that strive to accomplish this mission: Administration, Membership/Marketing, Publications, and Registry.

Reining Horse Association

National Reining Horse Association
Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the reining horse. It serves as the standard setting body for the sport of Reining worldwide.

Walking Horse Association

National Gaited Walking Horse Association
The National Walking Horse Association (NWHA) located at the Kentucky Horse Park, is an alliance of people committed to preserving and fostering the natural abilities and welfare of the Walking Horse.

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association
The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association (TWHBEA), headquartered in Lewisburg, Tennessee, is the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to the promotion of the breed.

Wisconsin Walking Horse Association

Saddlebred Horse Association

American Saddlebred Horse Association
American Saddlebred Horse Association and Registry is to safeguard the integrity of the American Saddlebred breed, to promote the use of Saddlebreds, and to expand the public's knowledge of America's original pleasure and competition horse.

Miniaturel Horse Association

American Miniature Horse Association
The American Miniature Horse Association is the world's leading Miniature Horse registry with nearly 185,000 horses and more than 11,000 members in 38 countries and provinces.

Barrel Horse Association

Friesian Horse Assocation of America

Barrel Horse Association

National Barrel Horse Association
The National Barrel Horse Association, headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, is the largest barrel racing organization in the world. In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes in barrel racing competition.

Appaloosa Horse Association

Appaloosa Horse Association
The Appaloosa Horse Club is the international breed registry serving ApHC members and Appaloosa enthusiasts by recording and reserving the horses' heritage and history, and by providing services that promote, enhance and improve the Appaloosa, a breed defined by ApHC bloodline requirements and preferred characteristics, including coat pattern.

Cutting Horse Association

National Cutting Horse Association

Idaho Cutting Horse Association
The ICHA's mission has been to promote and provide both weekend shows and aged events that will enhance the Cutting Horse interests, activities, industry, and Idaho.

American Cutting Horse Association
The American Cutting Horse Association was founded by and for the "weekend cutter." At the time of its inception, a group of cutters joined forces to establish a cutting venue in which every member had a chance to participate and compete at multiple levels.

Montana Cutting Horse Association

Arizona Cutting Horse Association

Northwest Cutting Horse Association
Established in 1950 by three dedicated and enthusiastic cowboys and ranchers, the Northwest Cutting Horse Association began with a grand vision that encompasses the goal and purpose of the association even today, almost 60 years later.

Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association
The voice of West Coast cutters since 1950, the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association is dedicated to maintaining the standards of cutting and attracting new participants to the sport.

Reining Horse Association

California Horse Reining Association

Montana Reining Horse Association

Texas Reining Horse Association
Texas Reining Horse Association (TRHA) is host to reining shows in Central and Southeast Texas.

National Rein Cow Horse Association

Draft Horse Association

Georgia Draft Horse Association
The Georgia Draft Horse Association is a non-profit organization with the primary objective of promoting the use of draft horses throughout the State of Georgia.


Paint Horse Association

American Paint Horse Association
The Association's mission remains the same today as when it was established. - To collect, record and preserve pedigrees of American Paint Horses - Oversee matters related to breeding and exhibition - Create and maintain programs that - Increase the value of American Paint Horse - Enrich members' experiences with their horses - Promote Paint Horses and preserve their history.

More Horse Association

American Trail Horse Association
The purpose of ATHA, Inc. is to provide our trusted and beloved Trail Companions the chance to become recognized in the Horse Community.

International Buckskin Horse Association, Inc.
IBHA was incorporated in 1971 to register, preserve the pedigree and promote the activity of Buckskin, Dun , Red Dun, and Grulla Horses.

National Stock Horse Association
The National Stock Horse Association plans and produces stock horse competitions, and encourages industry growth through educational clinics, museum and incentive programs.The National Stock Horse Association Museum honors past stock horses that have set the standard in cow horse competitions through their athletic talents and educates the public on the history of the stock horse and their origination from the Spanish bit tradition.

Green Mountain Horse Association
The Green Mountain Horse Association has been a significant force in the development of equestrian sports in the United States since its founding in 1926.

American Horse Council
The American Horse Council works daily to represent your equine interests and opportunities.

The American Holsteiner Association

American Sulphur Horse Association
The American Sulphur Horse Association was formed in 2003 in efforts to preserve, promote and protect this beautiful Spanish Iberian horse.

Palomino Horse Asociation











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